The Mirana Tower in Trento is one of the symbol of the town: this house-tower is part of the historical structure linked to Sigismondo Thun and it is now owned by the municipality.

Downstairs, in the cellars that keep ancient ruins, witnesses of the Roman Tridentum, there are well equipped rooms completed with suitable lighting that can host 56 exhibition panels.

Within the frame of this important and historical complex named Thun Palace and thanks to the involvement of Brigadier Generals Renato Genovese and Stefano Basset, the exhibition of the International Federation of Mountain Soldiers was arranged on the occasion of the 91st Alpines Meeting.

This exhibit is set up every year during the A.N.A. national gathering and, if requested, it publishes the history of the Federation since its foundation, in 1985, in Mittenwald. Unique and independent party federation, internationally recognized, which groups mountain soldiers on leave and / or in activities of 11 Nations, the IFMS has the aim of contributing collectively to the maintenance of peace and the protection of the human rights, to honor the memory of the fallen on the mountains for their homeland.

The exhibition was opened to the public from the 10th to the 13th of May and it was visited by about 3.500 people; to better understand the significance of the Federation, a brochure was given to visitors to illustrate the deeds and history, and a federation brooch was handed over to the Alpines.

A big applause to the staff of the Municipality of Trento for the kind willingness and our thanks to the supervisor of the exhibition rooms, Mrs. Laura Ronz, for the precious cooperation received.

(Article and photo Alessio Granelli)