Definition, Cause and Purpose

The International Federation of Mountain Soldiers (IFMS) is an union of officially recognized legal associations consolidated in federative form of both former and now active soldiers of mountain troops of free-world countries, regardless on which side they stood during time of war.

Cause for the consolidation is the consciousness of the solidarity through the love of mountains, through the pride of achieved military and alpine efforts and through the comradeship especially marked in mountain troops.

Purpose of the consolidation is to promote understanding between the member associations for peace, freedom and human rights.


  • To make a common contribution for the continuance of peace and freedom and for the protection of human rights.
  • To conserve the memory of our fallen comrades during war in order to ensure that their sacrifices helped to create a world of lasting peace, brotherhood and justice.
  • To generate comradeship among mountain soldiers.


  • Strengthening bilateral cooperation among member national organizations
  • Developing new activities to support soldiers of mountain troops
  • Enlarging IFMS with new member national organizations
  • Strengthening mutual cooperation with related organizations


  • Existence of national organization (association) of mountain soldiers
  • Application for admission into the IFMS is to be made to the Presidency by submitting their national statues and declaring their consent with the statues of the Federation
  • One year observer status